Welcome to Beginning Kids Adventures (BKA). Located in Dublin, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus), BKA is a private practice dedicated to helping kids with the building blocks of life, by providing comprehensive speech and language services that address the total communicative needs of the child and their surrounding community.

Children are an opportunity to bring joy and harmony to families and their communities. Sometimes children are born with what could be perceived as an imperfection, a fault or a disability in areas related to communication and social interaction. Sometimes, as children grow and develop, we might get the feeling that something is wrong because they are not like other children in the way they communicate. BKA offers a view that there are unlimited possibilities for your child, your family and your community in relationship to communication and social interaction.

Our children trust us to support and guide them to become the most empowered version of themselves. They have important things to say. At BKA, we treat children as whole and complete individuals instead of as a reflection of their parts, especially when these parts are viewed as flawed. We believe in the importance of using children’s strengths and gifts to bring out their necessary skills so that they have the space to powerfully communicate in life, to speak and be who they are, with confidence and conviction.

Differences can be celebrated and children can be encouraged to communicate in ways that touch, move and inspire them as well as us. Welcome to BKA, where we empower children and families to become more than they ever thought possible.